Wahoo releases SYSTM, A Complete Endurance Training App

Wahoo releases SYSTM, A Complete Endurance Training App

WAHOO SYSTM, a complete endurance training app is new platform helps athletes maximize every moment Wahoo is synonymous with intuitive, cutting-edge fitness products that help athletes get the most out of their training. With the release of the SYSTM training app, Wahoo has entered the software space, expanding their ecosystem to include a complete training platform designed to empower athletes of all fitness levels. 

SYSTM takes a comprehensive, science-based approach to training, with a diverse workout library that includes immersive cycling, running and swimming sessions, yoga, bodyweight-based strength training and mental training. 


To help athletes answer the age-old question, “What do I do today?”, SYSTM features an intuitive training plan builder that lets users customize a range of plans for cycling and multisport. Every workout and training plan has been designed by The Wahoo Sports Science Division, led by legendary coach Neal Henderson, to help time-crunched athletes see real results without having to spend countless hours on the bike or treadmill. 

“When Wahoo acquired The Sufferfest, we knew we had a real opportunity to revolutionize the way people train,” said David McQuillen, founder of The Sufferfest and Wahoo’s head of Training Services. “We set out to build the most comprehensive training app available — incorporating engaging content, the best sports science, useful training tips delivered in plain language, and tools that empower athletes across the spectrum to achieve their unique fitness goals. With the launch of SYSTM we have set the stage, offering a training solution that sits at the center of the Wahoo ecosystem of devices to make improving your performance simpler and more rewarding.” 

Wahoo’s mission has always been to create the easiest-to-use connected fitness training tools and devices. SYSTM is a perfect complement to our hardware — it’s a training platform that serves athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to aspiring professionals. 

Wahoo CEO Mike Saturnia

SYSTM also features proprietary Four-Dimensional Power™ (4DP) technology, which gives athletes deep insight into their fitness and then tailors all of the workouts and plans to match their unique profile. Performance targets are individualized to each athlete so every interval is at the exact intensity necessary to improve.

Indoor training has to be motivating to be effective, and the WAHOO SYSTM delivers with a diverse library of new, immersive content categories, including: 

The Sufferfest: Pro race footage, driving soundtracks, and engaging storylines set to challenging workouts. Served with a dose of humor. 

On Location: Guided tours of some of cycling’s most iconic routes. 

ProRides: Immersive race simulations that combine first-person camera footage from pro races with elite riders’ power files, scaled to the user’s 4DP™ profile. – A Week With: Spend a week training with Wahoo athletes. Go behind the scenes and see how they live and work. 

Inspiration: Cycling-focused films and documentaries matched to recovery and endurance workouts. 

Strength Training: A more focused, integrated approach to strength training that benefits runners, multisport athletes, and cyclists. 

SYSTM is available for the Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms, and is designed to work with connected fitness devices from most major manufacturers, allowing athletes to use the smart trainer, power meter, heart rate monitor, or cadence sensor of their choice. 

On the heels of the SYSTM launch, Wahoo also released The Knowledge podcast. To cater to time-crunched athletes, The Knowledge features 15-minute deep dives into specific training topics. 

Existing Sufferfest users will be automatically enrolled in SYSTM. New users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. Subscriptions to SYSTM cost $14.99 per month or 129.99 per year at 

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