Vitus launches direct to consumer operations in United States

Vitus launches direct to consumer operations in United States

Vitus is coming to America. Yes, another direct to consumer brand here in the U.S. The European brand has announced direct to consumer operations in the United States based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Select models will be available from the brand’s lineup of road, gravel, and mountain bikes. 

Being able to offer this initial lineup directly to US riders is a tremendous opportunity,” said Brad Howell, US brand manager for Vitus Bikes, in a press release. “From racers to weekend enthusiasts, Vitus offers something for everyone in the worlds of road, mountain, and gravel riding; we even have a killer kids’ line.

Vitus Gravel Bike | Vitus launches direct to consumer operations in United States

Vitus has a long history dating to France in the 1930s. Over the years, the brand introduced many innovative products including lightweight double butted tube sets in its early days, lightweight aluminum tubing in the 1970s and experimenting with carbon tubing in the 1980s and ‘90s before running into trouble in the 2000s and declaring bankruptcy. 

Since being sold in 2009, the brand has been growing steadily in Europe under new ownership, introducing many models over the years and now entering the American market. 

Vitus is trying to keep much of the process of buying a bike under its own roof. Vtius mechanics and employees will assemble bikes and perform quality control at the Salt Lake City facilities before shipping them out in cardboard boxes with zero-waste packaging. Customers get a 30-day ride guarantee to make sure they’re happy with their purchase.

Vitus Road Bike

The brand is employing US-based customer care representatives as well to help riders along every step of researching and buying a bike.  Vitus will enter the US market with select models from across its range, and additional models and model specs will become available throughout 2023. 

Available Models


  • Substance CRX 1 HT | $3199
  • Substance CRS 2 | $2499

Road Race

  • Vitesse EVO CRS eTap AXS | $4599
  • ZX-1 EVO CR eTap AXS | $3799

Trail / All-Mountain

  • Escarpe 29 CRX | 150mm Front/140mm Rear | $4799
  • Escarpe 29 CRS | 150mm Front/140mm Rear | $3899
  • Mythique 29 VR | 130mm Front/130mm Rear | $1699
  • Mythique 29 VRS, VRX, AMP | 140mm Front/140mm Rear | $1999, $2299, $2599

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