Unbound Gravel courses modified due to flooding

Unbound Gravel courses modified due to flooding

The 2022 Unbound Gravel has had to make some last minute course changes! mud is expected but parts of the course, mainly river crossings, were determined to be unsafe. While the sun may have been shining as riders started to gather in Kansas on Thursday morning, late in the day came the news that out on the course flooding meant some of the planned river crossings were impassable.

We know it’s not ideal to change the course this close to race day — but hey, that’s gravel! And it’s why we love it

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Organizers have modified the 200 mile (322km) and XL, 350 mile, courses with the major change being a modification of the plan to send Saturday’s race south out of Eureka after the 77 mile checkpoint.

The news was announced late Thursday evening with the organizers taking to Instagram with the news and a short video of key sections that have been deemed impassable.

Competitors for both the 200 and the XL were notified of the course changes via email.

We have an IMPORTANT UPDATE on the 200 and XL courses! Due to some heavy rain and river flooding, certain parts of the XL and 200 courses are impassable. Don’t worry- we’re working with local emergency services and still keeping plenty of your favorite water crossings. We’re just taking out the UNSAFE ones.

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