Topeak Freeloader Review

Topeak Freeloader Review

It took us literally one day to knock out the Topeak Freeloader review and we have to say we like it. So many times you need room for extra food, one more water bottle or even a way to carry a beer or two down to the local driveway gathering, well Topeak has you covered.

The Topeak Freeloader is a handy, on-the-go bar/stem bag that stores munchies, a phone, a small camera, an extra bottle, or anything else you need to keep close at hand. Additional mesh side pockets provide more space for smaller items such as gels.

this caption will go under the photo. The Freeloader is simple to mount and takes less than 60 seconds. Two quick-mount straps and one “velcro” strap hold it securely in place.

An Extra Mountain Bike Bottle You Wish You Had

Yes, the Topeak Freeloader is that spare mountain bike cage and bottle you never had on that full-suspension rig. Yes, all cross country riders wish they had two bottle mounts. Granted, I am not a big fan of ripping single track and chasing friends with a bottle mounted to my handlebars, but what I am a big fan of is being able to take a spare bottle with me to the local trails. For a more chill longer ride, strap on the Freeloader and pedal into the sunset or even the sunrise with your morning cup of coffee if you prefer.

Granted you could carry a bottle in your jersey pocket (if you have one) or use a Camelbak, but to be honest, on those 96 degrees, 93% humidity days, the last thing you want is a pack strapped to your back. I love Camelbaks but there is a place and time for them and it is not August in the Midwest.

Topeak Freeloader review
No, we didn’t follow the directions here. The Syncro’s Frasier bar is a little tricky when it comes to mounting the Freeloader but luckily you can use the stem strap as a second strap.
Topeak Freeloader
Gels, bars, and quickly needed items are in all reach.
Topeak Freeloader
Two small stash pockets will keep you fueled all day.
Topeak Freeloader
Thirsty? The freeloader will hold small and large bottles securely.

The Freeloader offers a killer solution for those of you with local trails. Simply toss in a spare bottle, a few gels, and strap it on your bike. It is that simple. This works out perfectly when riding looped mountain bike trails. In my case, I ride 5 miles to the trails, hang the Freeloader from a branch or toss it in the weeds, then go hit some laps and swap out bottles when needed.

Quick Access Bag For Gravel Cycling

The old saying goes, if it isn’t on Facebook it didn’t happen, well, nowadays it’s Instagram, but you get the point (and we know FB owns IG). The Topeak Freeloader is ideal for those quick needs like your cell phone when you want to grab a photo or tell the significant other you turned your 3-hour ride into 5 hours. Nutritional supplies or small multi-tools are also great to stash in the Freeloader. The two little side pockets are perfect for gels or credit cards.

I hate to mention COVID here, but during this time when many water stops might be closed down, the Freeloader is a must. Drinking fountains are closed, masks are required in places, some bathroom facilities and filling stations are also closed; this is a great time to carry an extra bottle, you won’t regret it.

When mounted behind the bar, the Freeloader sits neatly out of the way of your knees.
Perfect for bottles, gels, phones, cameras, and anything else that weighs under 2.2 lbs.

How many Freeloaders do you need? Well, the ideal situation would be to carry two Freeloaders on your gravel bike, one with a spare bottle and the other with dry goods, phone, maps, and such. This also helps out those people that need things to be symmetrical!

Key Features of the Topeak Freeloader

Besides being able to carry some extra H20 and other items, the Freeloader has some other very nice features including side pockets, water drain hole, and a design that is easy to clean and then dry. Mounting is a snap with hook and loop fasteners at the handlebar/stem and an adjustable strap for the head tube/fork. The Freeloader is rated up to 2.2 lbs. In case you were wondering, a bottle of wine (750ml beer) exceeds the limit of the bag.

Mesh side pockets for increased carrying capacity

Water drain at bottom of the bag

Accessible lining for easy cleaning

And …

Overall the Freeloader is a great bag to have and it might not hurt to have two of them. It is not something that you might use every day, but it is nice to have when you need it. I actually grabbed two small hooks (the kind you use to hang stockings from the fireplace) and put them on the front of my workbench, and when the Freeloader is not on my bike, I hang them there for easy access and as a reminder.

The Topeak Freeloader retails for $39.99 and is available at and Moosejaw.

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