The SILCA Seat Roll Asymmetrico, a Saddle Bag That Doesn’t Rattle?

The SILCA Seat Roll Asymmetrico, a Saddle Bag That Doesn’t Rattle?

We are always impressed with the gear coming from SILCA and the Seat Roll Asymmetrico is no exception. This might be the ticket for gravel cycling, or anyone that doesn’t want a seat bag that rattles or comes loose. SILCA took their knowledge learned over the last five years of producing its award winning Seat Roll Premio, kicking things up a notch using lighter materials, reduced bulk, improved abrasion resistance, an extra pocket and a unique asymmetric design that allows cyclists to pack more into a smaller volume, including a 700×45 (29×1.75″) tube. 

Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico
The SILCA Seat Roll Asymmetrico is designed to be minimal and hold the necessities tight and secure.

In addition to greater capacity, for riders doing gravel roads or trails which sometimes can lead to rattling, swaying, swinging seat bags dangling off the back of their saddle, the new Seat Roll Asymmetrico also features a BOA dial closure system that’s 15x stronger than Velcro. Your saddle bag will stay securely under your saddle in a nice tight package.

The SILCA Seat Roll Asymmetrico sells for $49.00, which can be purchased directly from SILCA.

Also check out the SILCA HX-TWO Travel Kit, another game changer for cyclist.

BOA seat pack tight
BOA seat pack loose
Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico rear view
Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico
As shown, four interior pockets are sewn to fit: (2) tire levers, (2) CO2 with Silca’s chucks threaded on, (1) tube, (1) gear wipe and (1) mini tool

SILCA Seat Roll Asymmetrico Specifications:

  • 2-Ply Ballistic Nylon Construction with Hypalon outer jacket
  • Boa® L6 Closure System with Lace Guide
  • Padded Rail Guard protects saddle rails and speeds Installation
  • FOUR internal pockets – Holds tubes up to 700x45mm
  • Black reflective printing provide stealthy HI-VIS in low light conditions
  • Weight – 85 grams

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