The Open Road With Dillon Caldwell

The Open Road With Dillon Caldwell

Over the past ten years Dillon Caldwell’s life, he’s been through the fire. But also become the fire, in a way. The paradoxical perspective that this journey has left him with has been something to draw on almost every day.

After his last surgery in 2014, he was proud to turn negative health experiences into a successful bike racing career. Securing his first professional contract and being selected to race on the US National team for a UCI 2.2 stage race just four years after his last brain surgery. For a while, he became so carried away in the trajectory of it all that he almost lost track of where he had come from.

After several years on the US domestic road circuit (most recently with Colorado’s 303 Project), Dillon Caldwell is switching gears and focusing on gravel/adventure racing for 2020.

Dillan Caldwell
Dillan Caldwell – photo courtesy of Pearl iZUMi

As a brain tumor survivor, mountain bike tour guide, van lifer, journalist, and cycling coach, Dillon brings a wealth of unique experience to PEARL iZUMi’s Crew, a team of influencers. If you happen to be racing a gravel race in the U.S. this year, you’ll likely see him and his big silver van. Don’t hesitate to say hello!

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