The Dirty LeMond Gravel Ride

The Dirty LeMond Gravel Ride

According to wikipedia Greg LeMond is the only American to ever win the Tour de France, and is considered by many to be the greatest American cyclist of all time. The “LeMond loop” is a classic road cycling loop in the Reno-Tahoe area said to be a staple training loop of Greg LeMond.

The LeMond loop consists of 3 classic mountain climbs touring the desert mountains around Virginia City, and the Eastern Sierra near Lake Tahoe. By the numbers the route is approximately 100 miles and 10,000′ of vertical gain. While the stats are impressive, one strange masochist finds the predictable tarmac and moderate grades a little tedious.

If only a similar route existed consisting of less cars, mixed terrain, brutally steep grades, and even more awe inspiring vistas … Maybe The Dirty LeMond?

The Dirty LeMond Terrain Breakdown

47% Dirt Road | 13% Single track | 40% Tarmac

Support? Good Luck

This route is an unsupported adventure gravel route. The route is very isolated with no chance to resupply outside of Virginia City. If you are lucky, a weird guy in a truck may provide rations. Prepare accordingly.

Water is scarce on this route

Options include the following: Spooner State Park  (Mile 52), Marlette Peak Campground (Mile 59), Random Mountain streams (Good Luck) and If you are lucky, the weird guy in a truck (Mile 40)

Things to Consider

  • No one is coming to save you.
  • It is your responsibility not to die.
  • Be sure you know where you are going.
  • The Mountains are dangerous, prepare accordingly.

Gravel Happening

Some individuals may happen to congregate for the Dirty LeMond on a brisk early morning in mid-October. They may be dangerous and strange, it is recommended to avoid them at all costs.

What is a “Gravel Happening”

The Dirty LeMond certainly not a sanctioned event! It means you should not expect anything except a gpx file depicting a heinous route. It is possible that one folks with bikes may happen to show up at the rendezvous point on the morning of the 291st day of 2020 to ride aforementioned heinous route.

What Bike Should I Ride

Recommend os something with wide knobby tires, and low gearing. This is a true adventure gravel route, which means there is no perfect bike. The course features long stretches of road, smooth dirt, sand, technical dirt, single track, rain ruts, brake bumps, baby head rocks, etc. You are guaranteed you will feel like you are on the wrong bike more than once, so choose your whip carefully.

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