SRAM Launches New Eagle AXS Shifter Paddle

SRAM Launches New Eagle AXS Shifter Paddle

We love SRAM AXS, the simplicity, the setup, the coolness factor, it’s all there including an all-new AXS shifter paddle that can be customized for existing owners. Don’t currently run AXS and looking to upgrade? The new controller is available as a complete shifter as well. Speaking of upgrades, Eagle AXS is now 20% off at select online retailers. Read more here or visit Competitive Cyclist.

For existing Eagle riders, the newly redesigned AXS Rocker Paddle gives the rider a more traditional shifter lever feel. The new paddle is flatter, larger, and the extension is designed to mimic the release trigger found on normal shifters.

Effortless electronic shifting paired with a more traditional feeling actuation allows riders who are new to using AXS quick integration and provides another ergonomic option for those who have run AXS from the start. The controller’s functions are customizable through the AXS app, allowing you to assign any action to any button. With AXS you can truly make your cockpit your own.

SRAM AXS Shifter Paddle 00.3018.290.000
Installation is super easy and can be done in 5 minutes but it does take a ride or two to get used to the new lever location The upgrade will cost you around $20.00 and includes Lever, Spring and Pivot Pin. A T15 Torx and 3mm hex key is required for the install.

Riding the SRAM AXS Shifter Paddle

So I never disliked the the paddle shifter for AXS. Granted it took a few days to get use to, but I think that is the case with many new things. Yes, the first ride felt a little awkward but by ride number two things came naturally. With bigger hands, shifting with the thumb was not dramatically different, but the new locations and action were nice. Not game changing but nice. Now, what I really liked was shifting with the index finger, the lip here seems a little more pronounced or perhaps is more naturally located. This is key for me when out of the saddle or long seated climbs. If you have never ridden Eagle AXS it has the ability to shift from the back side of the bar with your thumb, and on the other side with your index finger. #SWEET

Game Changer?

Is SRAM AXS a game changer? YES! Is the newer paddle design a game changer? Maybe for some riders it will be. I have read where a lot of people found it a tad awkward. I will be leaving the upgraded lever on my SCOTT Spark and chances are I’ll be ordering another one for my other bike. Hat off to SRAM for keeping the cost at $20.00. It would be money well spent for any rider.

SRAM AXS Shifter Paddle Install
Removing the old and re-installing the new Pivot Pin requires a 3mm hex key.
SRAM AXS Shifter Paddle Install
Shifter, spring, shifter paddle, and pivot pin. With only three pieces, it is a pretty simple procedure.
SRAM AXS Shifter Paddle Install
Once the new spring and new shifter paddle are installed, simply re-install the Pivot Pin.
SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle
From the rider’s point of view, you will see the two “thumb locations” which give inboard and outboard shift options. This is configurable as well through the SRAM App.
SRAM AXS Rocker Paddle
The front of the shifter provides an option to shift with the index finger. The older shifter paddle offered this as well, but this new version one-upped the game!

Googling the Correct Part

SRAM calls it a rocker, we call it a shifter paddle, and some might call it a shift lever. There are even a few out there that are going to reference it as a “thingamajig”. One thing is for sure is that SRAM’s part numbers will not change and are easily found on the internet.

Google “SRAM 00.3018.290.000” and you should be able to find the new EC AXS Shifter Paddle.
PART # DESCRIPTION msrp usd msrp euR (incl. VAT) msrp gbp (incl. VAT)
00.3018.289.000 EC AXS SRAM Right Hand Controller with Rocker (Includes Discrete Clamp) $200  €200  £200
00.3018.290.000 EC AXS SRAM Right Hand Rocker (Includes Lever, Spring, Pivot Pin) $20  €20  £20

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