Secret Launch: BWR Survival Camps!

Secret Launch: BWR Survival Camps!

Okay, maybe not that secret, but these BWR Survival Camps will sell out. BWR has announced that they will be having two BWR Survival Camps this year with two totally different vibes: one in Kansas and one in Utah. This year they will bbe offering more intimate camps of 25 riders each in 2021 and have added a deposit option for payment.

We received an email on these camps and word on the street is these camps have not been publicly announced yet. The public announcement will be quite soon. We hope you can make it!

BWR Survival Camp: Kansas

BWR Survival Camp: Kansas

First up is August 5-8, 2021, in Kansas. This one is most similar to the BWR Survival Camps in San Diego that we’ve held the last few years except we’ll have four riding days instead of three. The purpose of this camp is to preview this never-before-done course over four manageable rides and also enjoy a fitness boost. Since it is also a few months before the October 31st event, you’ll have a chance to address your fitness still between this camp and event day. Learn more.

BWR Survival Camp: Utah

BWR Survival Camp: Utah

The second Survival Camp is September 21-25, 2021 in Utah. This camp is unique in that it is designed to mimic the professional style pre-ride and course recon that is now standard practice heading into heavyweight events like Paris- Roubaix, Strade Bianchi, and the Tour of Flanders. This 5 day camp begins weeks in advance with a complementary Source Endurance written BWR training plan.  When you arrive in Cedar City you will begin four days of comprehensive course reconnaissance as you complete your event taper.  The crescendo will be you toeing the line at the Belgian Waffle Ride on the 5th day with intimate knowledge of what to expect after spending four days studying and strategizing. Learn more.

What sort of athlete is best suited for these camps?

Consistently active and serious athletes will benefit greatly from this camp. These athletes push themselves in training and consistently accomplish 3-6 training sessions per week. 2-4 rides at an endurance pace for 2-3 days in a row are no problem and even some long training sessions of up to 6 hours are common. These athletes should feel comfortable riding in groups and should be able to handle loose descents and moderate single-track with rocks and roots with ease.

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