PeopleForBikes Webinars Provide Virtual Guidance for Bike Industry

PeopleForBikes Webinars Provide Virtual Guidance for Bike Industry

PeopleForBikes Webinars Provide Virtual Guidance for Bike Industry in Time of COVID-19. PeopleForBikes is conducting a series of webinars to connect and advise retailers, manufacturers, and advocates within the bike industry. In addition to March and April webinars focused on COVID-19, the schedule includes sessions addressing tariffs, trade, e-bikes, digital riding campaigns, and sustainability.

“Now more than ever our industry must find ways to connect online and share tools and best practices,” said PeopleForBikes president Tim Blumenthal. “Our recent webinars have attracted unprecedented participation and we continue to focus on providing a forum to connect, educate, and empower our colleagues in the bike industry.”

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PeopleForBikes Webinars

Forthcoming PeopleForBikes Webinars for the Cycling Industry

April 15 — Ride Spot: Keeping Your Customers Riding. Learn more about how PeopleForBikes is promoting safe routes, local businesses and making biking better for everyone — Register here.

May 5 — E-bike webinar: Using pilot programs to navigate e-bike use on the trail — Register here.

May 20 — Tariffs and the Bike Industry: The evolving story of what tariffs mean for your business and the industry overall

June 17 — PlacesForBikes City Ratings: What we can learn from measuring bicycling in the U.S.

July 15 — Better Biking for All: Improving diversity and inclusion in the bike industry

Aug. 19 — Cities for Cycling: How to get your local leaders on board with bikes

Sept. 16 — Industry Sales Data: What the numbers tell us and how data can help grow your business

Oct. 21 — Engaging Your Community: Building support for better bicycling

Nov. 18 — Funding Bike Projects: How better PlacesForBikes helps grow the industry

Dec. 9 — Sustainability in the Bike Industry: Preserving our planet while improving the bike business

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PeopleForBikes is making biking better for everyone by uniting millions of individuals, thousands of businesses and hundreds of communities. When people ride bikes, great things happen. Join us at

Main photo credit: Toga Bike Shop in NYC.

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