Outerbike 2021 Dates Announced

Outerbike 2021 Dates Announced

Outerbike is excited to officially announce in-person Outerbike 2021 dates starting in the third quarter of next year. After cancelling most events in 2020, the events will look different next year, with various Covid protocols to keep us all safe while at the same time allowing for an outdoor demo experience. Actual signups will open in the new year. Stay tuned for details. 

Outerbike 2021 Dates

  • Killington, July 23 – 25 
  • Crested Butte, August 13 – 15
  • South Lake Tahoe, September 17 – 19
  • Moab, October 1 – 3 
  • Bentonville, October 22 – 24

Mark your calendars, keep wearing your masks, and we look forward to riding with you next year! For more information and to try out the ‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ bike finder, please visit

Outerbike 2021

A message from Outerbike on finding your next bike

Hey there Outerbike friends – Hope you are getting some riding in during these crazy times!  At Western Spirit (Outerbike’s parent company) we’ve been insanely busy taking riders on multi day trips in the backcountry. This year we have noticed that more and more of these cyclists are relatively new to the sport and are shopping for their first beginner mountain bike or figuring out how to buy a bike online.  And these riders have a lot of questions about exactly how they should make this important choice.

New feature on the Outerbike website

We are guessing you might have some of the same questions or have friends that are new to mountain biking or gravel cycling. To help sort this out, we have added a Bike Finder feature to the Outerbike website we’re calling Your Friend in the Bike Business. We want to demystify the process of figuring out the best bikes to buy online or in person for both beginners and experts. Whether it’s the best mountain bikes under $2000 or simply choosing a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike, ‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ will ask a series of targeted questions regarding your needs, hopes, and riding plans. The quiz will lead you to a group of bikes from Outerbike exhibitors with links directly to their websites so you can learn more.

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