Spice Up your Indoor Session with New Zwift Workouts

Spice Up your Indoor Session with New Zwift Workouts

Are you looking for new Zwift workouts that will mix up your training routine that will push your limits, but fit your schedule?

This week we’ll be launching a new set of workouts created by coach Shayne Gaffney. The workouts each take less than an hour to complete, so they fit just about any schedule. And each workout is tailored to meet specific training goals, so you can train efficiently and get real results!

Zwift Workouts
Never tried a Zwift workout?Read “Your First Structured Workout to get started!


Shayne is the founder of GC Coaching and holds certifications as a USA Cycling Level 1 (expert level) Coach, USA Cycling Power Based Training Coach, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. He is also a US Military Endurance Sports (USMES) affiliate Coach and USA Olympic Committee Safe Sport certified.

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As a coach, Shayne has worked with beginners to pro athletes from all corners of the globe. His niche recently has been time-crunched athletes looking to squeeze as much fitness from 5-8 hours a week as possible.

As Workout Content Editor at Zwift, Shayne created the highly-acclaimed “Build Me Up”, “Pebble Pounder”, and “201: Your First 5k” Flexible Training Plans. He has also been involved with Zwift Academy since 2019.

Check Out Some of the New Zwift Workouts Below

New Zwfit Cycling Workouts

Lavender Unicorn
2 by 2
Grin and Bear it
Lactate Shuttle (short)
Step by Step
Wave Rider

New Zwfit Running Workouts

Broken Tempo
Higher and Higher
Over/Unders #1, #2, and #3
Pick Ups
Progressive Fartleks
Pyramid Strides #1 and #2
Run to the Hills
And More ….

Ready to jump in? Here are the new workouts, with descriptions to help you find a new Zwift workout you’ll like. Go for it! Cycling Workouts | Running Workouts

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