Introducing The Roval Terra 2021 Family

Introducing The Roval Terra 2021 Family

Engineered to be as diverse as the ever-expanding terrain drop bar bikes are exploring, the Roval Terra family introduces a suite of new best-in-class products to expand your ride beyond the pavement. Welcome to Terra 2021. With multiple new wheels and cockpit options, a system approach to tackling the trail less traveled.

Roval Terra CL Gravel Wheels

Roval Terra CL Gravel Wheels

The new Terra CL utilizes the same super-light, incredibly tough rim as Roval’s flagship Terra CLX model. That’s right. The SAME rim. Constructed with a 33mm deep rim with an ride cushioning 25mm inner width, Terra CL utilizes a hooked bead and comes taped and tubeless-ready. When the pavement fades away, Terra wheels can handle a wide variety of tires, from 28c road rubber to singletrack capable 47c monster tires, Terra can handle it all. In a nod to accessibility, durability, DT Swiss 350 hubs laced with DT Swiss Competition Straight pull spokes are spec for ease of service.

  • 25mm internal, 32mm depth
  • Terra CLX Carbon clincher, tubeless
  • NEW DT Swiss 350, CenterLock, DT 36T Star, Thru Axle
  • 700c –  28mm-47mm
  • 1400 grams
  • Wheelset- $1400

Roval Terra C

Taking the notion of flagship performance and workhorse dependability one step further, and easier on the wallet, meet Terra C. Sharing the same hub and spoke architecture as the Terra CL, but paired with an entirely new rim layup. The rims on the Terra C are crafted using Resin Transfer Molding; maximizing strength and material performance. Matching the internal and external spec of both the Terra CLX and CL, with only a slight weight penalty coming in at just over 1600 grams. The end result is an incredibly tough set of wheels ready for the rough stuff.

Roval Terra C Rear
  • 25mm internal, 32mm depth
  • Terra Carbon clincher, tubeless
  • NEW DT Swiss 370, CenterLock, DT 18T Ratchet LN, Thru Axle
  • 700c –  28mm-47mm
  • 1610 grams
  • Wheelset- $1000 

Roval Terra Handlebar


The new Roval Terra handlebar is designed to offer exceptional comfort in demanding conditions. Utilizing an optimized blend of carbon fiber and a design that takes into account the physiological demands placed on hands and arms in mixed-terrain riding. The bar tops are an ergonomic “egg” shape with a shallow drop and short reach to optimize comfort and control when riding in the drops, and a 12-degree flare starts in the drops and opens up the ends of the bars for clean control alignment and optimal all-terrain comfort. Integrated internal Di2 routing adds a clean finish to this all-road superstar.

  • 103mm drop
  • 70mm reach
  • 12 degrees of flare at drops
  • Tops are an ergonomic “egg” shape
  • Internal Di2 routing on each drop and junction EW-RS910 compatibility on both bar ends
  • 200g (420mm)
  • Price: $275

Existing Terra Family Offerings: Class-leading Terra CLX, CLX EVO, and Terra Carbon Post.


  • 30mm internal, 25.3mm depth
  • Terra CLX  Evo Carbon clincher, tubeless, 700c & 650b
  • Roval AFD Centerlock hubset, DT Ratchet EXP 36T, Thru Axle 
  • 700c – 38mm to 2.1” 
  • 700c – 1357 grams 
  • 650b – 42mm to 2.3”
  • 650b – 1303 grams
  • Wheelset- $2500 

Terra CLX

  • 25mm internal, 32mm depth
  • Terra CLX  Carbon clincher, tubeless
  • Roval AFD Centerlock hubset, DT Ratchet EXP 36T, Thru Axle 
  • 700c –  28mm-47mm
  • 1296 grams
  • Wheelset- $2500 

Terra Carbon Post

  • USA MSRP: $250
  • Advanced composite construction delivers ride-smoothing vertical compliance.
  • Proven clamp design ensures ease of adjustment and slip-free performance.
  • No-Fault crash replacement policy.  Lifetime warranty
  • Available in four sizes: 27.2mm x 300mm x 0 offset, 27.2mm x 380mm x 0 offset, 27.2mm x 300mm x 20mm offset, 27.2mm x 380mm x 20mm offset
  • 194 grams (27.2 x 300mm x 0)

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