MINT Socks Introduce Merino Line

MINT Socks Introduce Merino Line

The team at MINT Socks are getting readying for autumn, rolling out their new line of MINT merino cycling socks just in time for cooler temperatures. The first two models in an introduction to a long line of light weight, 8” tall, Italian-made merino starter models are you. The made in Italy merino MINTs will retail for $24. 

If you’ve never checked out MINT Socks, then you are missing out. Their fun line of Italian made socks are comfortable, perform well and add a touch a style to any cycling kit or even boring office attire. Designs are limited and when they are gone, they are gone. You’ll have to pick another design or color pattern. But with over 20 patterns to choose, chances are you’ll be able to find something!

Mint Merino Cycling Socks

Borrowed from the very popular Stripe Series designs, the Sheep Series consists of two 8” tall light weight merino blends: Grey Matter and Autumn Glow. “When temps go low, we go high for added warmth,” said MINT co-founder Suzette Ayotte. “We’ve had a few loyal MINT wearers tell us they plan to Nordic ski in their MINTs as well and that the taller length is ideal for that application.” We think they would be great to wear anytime, anyplace and any occasion!

Autumn Glow Merino Wool Socks

You don’t have to be from New England to know that these vibrant colors are the ones that awe-inspire when the leaves are changing.  Our hope is to inspire you to pedal and few would argue that autumn – no matter where you live – is the prime time to ride. Autumn air is a dive into a lake on a hot humid day. It’s the regeneration of cells; it is the most easily accessible form of joy. Kit up with care and get your toes glowing. #glowup and ride. Shop the Autumn Glow.

MINT Autumn Glow Merino Wool | Mint Merino Socks
Not into super bright colors? Add some subtle color to that boring kit or office attire.

Grey Matter Merino Wool Socks

When it comes to gray vs grey, either is acceptable. Gray is more widely used in the US while grey is more common in other English speaking countries. As we are all-inclusive, grey it is. Grey matter in science is essential to your functioning brain. Grey Matter in MINT is essential to your functioning feet in colder weather. Riding in cold weather is good for the soul. So get your brain in the game, kit up properly, and make it matter. Shop the Grey Matter.

MINT Grey Matter Merino Wool Socks
Perfect for the bike, winter sports, trailing running and of course, the home and office.

More About Mint

Mint socks can be found and followed on Instagram @thefreshlyminted  // MINT socks are designed in the USA , made in Italy and retail for $20 & $24. For more information visit Interested dealers can contact MINT at

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