Minoura Announces 2021 Lineup of Trainers, Providing Smart Training Options

Minoura Announces 2021 Lineup of Trainers, Providing Smart Training Options

Minoura announces 2021 lineup of trainers, providing smart training options. Trainer lineup options available for all cyclists depending on individual rider’s needs, goals and budgets

Minoura has announced their 2021 trainer lineup, highlighting the variety of options available depending on individual rider’s needs, goals and budgets. The line-up includes the bluetooth and ANT+ enabled Smart Turbo Kagura series, traditional wheel drive trainers, hybrid rollers and classic roller options.

“At Minoura, we understand the important role trainers can play in year-round training for cyclists of all levels. With the growth in virtual racing and training, the Kagura lineup offers cyclists the perfect way to train consistently, even when the weather gets bad,” said Jeff Zell, Minoura’s North American Manager. “As the inventor of the magnetic indoor trainers, we have a depth to our product line-up unlike any other trainer company as we strive to provide the best possible training experience at a given price point.”

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The direct drive Kagura Smart Turbo LSD9200, Minoura’s flagship trainer, features a 10kg belt drive flywheel to produce smooth, consistent resistance up to 2200 watts and simulate up to a 20% grade. Minoura’s belt drive system produces one of the quietest direct drive trainers on the market. The tire drive Kagura Smart Turbo LST9200 offers riders both powered and non-powered resistance options making it a great option for at home training as well as a portable solution for warming up at races. These models are priced at $899.99 and $649.99 respectively.

Minoura also offers riders the ability to update many of their existing Minoura tire drive trainers with the Kagura Power Unit, which replaces the drive mechanism on existing trainers. All Kagura smart trainer options are Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled allowing for connectivity to platforms like Zwift, TrainerRoad and others.

In addition to their smart trainers, Minoura is seeing growing interest in their hybrid roller options. Riders remove their front wheel and attach their fork to these trainers and the rear wheel spins on 5.5” wide rollers. These models, the FG-542 and FG-220, are compact and easy to store between training sessions making them a great option for those limited on space. The FG-542 includes a height adjustable fork mount to simulate hill climbing as well as 7 levels of magnetic resistance controlled by a remote dial, which is easily attached to the handlebars. The FG-220 features a simple on-off resistance option. These models are priced at $399.99 and $299.99 respectively.

Minoura trainers and accessories are available for purchase through as well as many bike shops across North America. Retailers interested in stocking Minoura trainers can contact their preferred distributor, including NAC, QBP, JBI and BTI.

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