Hutchinson Kraken Racing Lab MTB Tire

Hutchinson Kraken Racing Lab MTB Tire

The Kraken Racing Lab is the latest addition to Hutchinson’s XC / Trail range of tires, the Kraken Racing Lab is the remarkable result of close collaboration between designers, engineers and XC Hutchinson athletes.

The objective? Develop a fast, agile and reassuring tyre thanks to the addition of high lateral knobsto allow maximum confidence in cornering or rough terrain.

Hutchinson Kraken Racing Lab

This is a tread patter we can’t wait to go out it hit rip some single track on!

Hutchinson Kraken Racing Lab

The Kraken is available in 29 x 2.3

The architecture of the Kraken’s knobs has been inspired by the Skeleton, the ultimate tyre in terms of performance. Developed in 29 x 2.30, the volume ofthe Kraken allows to go down in pressure to bring a maximum of comfort and serenity in the most chaotic parts.

The ultimate goal with the Kraken was also to design a tyre that would not be too exclusive, only for XC athletes, but to expand its use to any mountain bike addict and trail lover.

Proven on the World Cup Circuit
The Kraken has been tested and proven on the World Cup Circuit.

Available in two constructions, ultra-light 127 TPI or ultra-versatile 66 TPI coupled with Hardskin® bead-to-bead reinforcement, the Kraken Racing Lab will meet the needs of pure performance addicts as well as XC Marathon competitors or Trail enthusiasts. The Kraken completes also HutchinsonRacing Lab’s range, inaugurated lasty ear with the Griffus condensed from the best know-how of the brand, resulting from its work in the competitive segment and made in France.

MSRP: $79.99


What is a Kraken?

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