HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Disc Wheelset Review

HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Disc Wheelset Review

Thanks to disc brakes, wider rims and lower tire pressures, the lines between road and gravel wheels have truly been blurred. The Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset does not help to clear things up. Light, strong, and aero, these German hoops are ready for just about any adventure on or off-road that you can dish out. Weighing in at under 1,500 grams, these carbon hoops only weigh 100 to 150 grams more than their road wheel cousins.

For most people, the days of having multiple bikes for road and gravel are gone. Cyclists are shying away from the road because of the dangers associated with distracted drivers and opting for more remote and safer riding options. So now that 100-mile road ride becomes a 100k of gravel. So why not have a good set of gravel wheels and make the ride more enjoyable?

Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset
The Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset comes in at 1479 grams and measures 30mm deep and 27mm wide with a 20mm internal width.

Who is Hunt Wheels?

Hunt Wheels are based in the UK and are making their mark in the U.S. by offering solid value for money wheelsets in aluminum and carbon. Hunt Wheels offer a pre-order direct to consumer model, so if you are ordering your wheels you might not get them for a few weeks, but you will save a few dollars. Hunt also offers free shipping on all wheels.

The Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Diss Wheelset

Looking at wheel weights and specs, most of the Hunt line of wheels come in at a really competitive price point to most other wheels on the market, thanks to the direct to consumer, pre-order model, they are able to stay aggressive on the pricing. While the HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Wheelset isn’t a real “breakout” wheel in any way, they are a solid set of wheels all the way around and you can roll on a pair of these for under a grand?

I have had the HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Wheelset for around 4 months and have dragged them down gravel roads, ripped single-track, ridden railroad tracks, forged creek beds and chased the roadies and they have performed every time.

Mark Gorman – Editor & Athlete at Carbon+Grit


The first thing we want to note is the 30 stands for the depth, not the width. While 30mm internal rims have hit the mountain bike market, they still aren’t flooding the gravel scene. The Hunt 30 Gravel wheels weigh in at 1479 grams with an internal width of 20mm and a 30mm depth. While not the widest gravel wheelset out there, they worked well with up to 40mm tires, we did not test them with anything larger. Both front and rear wheels feature 28 spokes and the set is rated to riders up to 264lbs.

Riding Gravel and Dirt

Gravel, fire-roads, and double-track will be your friend. We have spent about 5 months on the Hunt 30 Gravel Wheelset and have not had an issue. We have taken them on road rides, ridden gravel, singletrack, and more. On every occasion, they held up to the challenge! The only thing we did not submit them to was deep water and mud.

Hunt Gravel Wheels
Stopping to snag a few photos of the Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset
30mm deep carbon rims provide a semi-aero profile while not beating up the rider.
Hunt Gravel Wheels
28 spokes front and rear make these wheels bullet proof and support riders up to 264lb.

Hunt Carbon Rims

The rim features unidirectional T24/30 carbon fiber with 3K weave and reinforced spoke holes. The wide, aero-rounded profile delivers a nice combination of comfort and speed. The rim dimensions aren’t super generous at 27mm (20mm internal) but still create a nice tire profile, especially when running wider tires.

Hunt Carbon Rims
The 28 spokes are laced two-cross front and rear, making for a strong, stiff build. We’ve tested them on everything from pavement to dirt, to gravel, and we’ve experienced zero issues in terms of build quality.
Hunt Rim Tape
Tubeless-ready with tape installed, Hunt’s H_LOCK bead-seat offers up an easy and secure tubeless installation. The 20mm internal width worked well with tires up to 40c.
Hunt Gravel Wheels with Kenda Tires
Tested with the Kenda Alluvium Pro, an all-new gravel and adventure tire that is as capable on the pavement or big stones as they are on hardpack singletrack.

Hunt has taken advantage of the fact that disc-brake rims are not required to handle the high temperatures induced by prolonged rim braking. It pre-impregnates its proprietary V:Absorbe resin into the carbon, which then cures at a lower temperature. The claim being that the lower temperature resins are less brittle, meaning they have greater resistance to impacts and dampen vibration more effectively. This is great for the intended use of these wheels, which will see them kicking around the rough roads and gravel trails in your neck of the woods.

Hunt 4 Season Hubs

HUNT 4 Season Disc hubs sit second on their tier of hubs, 4 Season Disc J-bend spoke hubs feature extra bearing shielding, a 5-degree RapidEngage 6-pawl freehub, with H_CERAMIK coating for enhanced durability. SRAM XD Driver is available. Centre-lock disc mount, 6-bolt disc adaptors included.

Hunt fits the axles you need, just complete the form at checkout. Extra axle adapters are also available separately.
The Hunt 4 Season hubs use center-lock rotors and all wheels come with 6 bolt disc adaptors as well.

Wheels are available in all thru-axle and quick release options. As a bonus, the wheels come with a few extra spokes and even a spoke wrench. Below is a list of what comes in the box.

  • Hunt Black Shield tubeless tape fitted to wheels.
  • The axle adapters needed for your bike, just fill in the simple form shown after order completion, the form is also included in your order confirmation page.
  • Cassette spacers
  • Tubeless Valves
  • Pair 6 bolt disc adapters
  • Spare of each spoke plus nipples
  • Quality control card signed by your wheel builder
Hunt has you covered when is comes to rotor adaptors and the proper axles to fit your rig. Swapping wheels between bikes. Skewers and thru axles are both included. Just store them in a safe place.

Our Stamp of Approval

As we mentioned above, I’ve had the HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Wheelset for around 5 months and have dragged them down gravel roads, ripped single-track, ridden railroad tracks, splashed through creek beds, and ridden the roads with friends; they never let me down. I wouldn’t be afraid to recommend these wheels to anyone and would take them to any race or event. I also believe that with this wheelset you get a lot of bang for your buck.

HUNT 30 Carbon Gravel Disc Wheelset retails for a rather attractive $999 and are available at Their next pre-order is near the end of the month. Check them out!

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