Holiday Gifts for the Gravel Cyclist and Mountain Biker

Holiday Gifts for the Gravel Cyclist and Mountain Biker

From socks to trainers, the best gifts For any cyclist in your life. Find the perfect present for the cyclist in your life.

Top picks for gifts under $100.00


Enve Bar Tape

ENVE Handlebar Tape is one of our favorites. Designed with a grip compound that ensures bare handed traction despite wet conditions. To maximize ride feel without compromising comfort, ENVE Handlebar Tape is 3 millimeters thick with a vibration damping silicon backer strip that ensures comfort for long miles over rough roads. $40 on

Secret Chain Lube

SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube

SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube brings all of the super speed and silent running of a hot-melt wax-dipped chain to a drip applied wax (all of the benefits, none of the hassle!).  Secret Chain lube also utilizes the world’s fastest, most lubricious additive, nano-scale Tungsten Di-Sulfide. $25 on at Competitive Cyclist.

Elite Cages

Elite VICO Cage & Bottles

Chosen by the best World Tour pro teams. VICO is the first-choice carbon bottlecage used by the best World Tour teams. Good enough for the pros, good enough for you! Pair the cages with a couple of bottles or an Elite toolbox for a great package.

$45.00 for the cages and available at

The Coffee Ride Sampler Pack

What better way to enjoy these differences and to find your perfect roast than with the “Find your Ride” coffee sample pack. 

Included are (5) 2oz packages of diversely selected coffees as well as one of their sweet musette bags. Great for gifts or to keep all for yourself. $35.00 at

Mint Socks

If you’ve never checked out MINT Socks, then you are missing out. Their fun line of Italian made socks are comfortable, perform well and add a touch a style to any cycling kit or even boring office attire.

With over 20 patterns to choose, chances are you’ll be able to find something! The Merino is our favorite right now! $24 from

Spurcycle Bell

Ring in the new year with style! Spurcycle bells create powerful, enduring sound so a rider can give notice well in advance with a loud, convincing tone. Sprucycle bells are hands down one of the loudest bike bells out there. Precision built in the USA for a lifetime of way clearing. Prices start at $50 and available on

Top picks for gifts over $100.00

GoPro Hero 9

Tis the season to be gnarly—get GoPro HERO9 Black with 5K Video, 20MP Photos, Dual LCD Screens, 30% more battery life, HyperSmooth 3.0 and much, much more for only $399.

Grab the goods this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get the GoPro HERO9 Black for only $399 & get a bonus battery + 64GB SD card (while battery supplies last).

Shop | GoPro accessories

Winter Gear

Memories are about to be made—the kind that harden your resolve and strengthen your character. You prepare for months of layering up against the odds with fierce dedication to the year-round commute, social miles to warm cafes, or a hardcore training plan. It’s winter. And it’s yours. Seize it with our most essential cold-weather riding gear. Shop winter gear.

Shock Wiz

Perfect for any mountain biker with suspension. Quarq’s ShockWiz is designed to drastically improve ride quality and bring suspension tune dynamics into clearer focus via their app. The system attaches to your air-sprung shock or fork’s Schrader valve with a sleek hose that allows ShockWiz to collect 100 pressure readings per second.


So you need buy a pair of tires to hit the over $100 mark, but what a great gift.

Choose from an extensive line of gravel, mountain bike, cross or even some road tires. Be sure to check out the Kenda Alluvium Pro and the Booster Pro, our two favorites.

Visit to learn more.

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket

The perfect warmth for for post ride, overnight trips and just about everything, this classic Down Sweater (which is really a jacket) is lightweight and windproof with a 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell and 800-fill-power Advanced Global Traceable Down (goose down certified by NSF International to help ensure the birds that supply it are not force-fed or live-plucked).. $229 at

SRAM AXS Groupset

If your motto is “go big or go home” then a SRAM AXS groupset is the way to go. Choose between Force AXS and Red AXS for the gravel rider and XO and XX Eagle for the mountain biker. Wireless shifting is a gift that will keep on giving. Now if only Christmas lights were this easy. Available as a complete groupset or as an upgrade. Prices vary, available at Competitive Cyclist.

Tools & Maintenance


The SILCA HX-TWO set includes 18 double-ended tools (9 hex and 9 Torx) to cover a wide range of jobs encountered while wrenching on your trusted steed. Housed in a custom-molded tool holder for easy storage and transport, each tool has its own individually marked slot for instant recognition. $70 at Competitive Cyclist.

Topeak Torque Wrench

Every serious should have a good torque wrench. High end components now-a-days has a torque spec on it that needs to be honored. The digital readout provides a visible display while there are also separate programmable audible warnings for your target torque value. $240 and available from Todson and on-sale at Competitive Cyclist.

Abbey 4-Way Multi-tool

The Abbey Bike Tools 4-way precision multi-tool is the perfect choice to carry with you while on a ride. We designed this beautiful green anodized tool to fit into a compact saddle bag, riding wallet, or tuck into a jersey pocket.

This is the only American manufactured multi-tool for the bicycle market. $70 on Competitive Cyclist.

JoeBlow Pro Digital Floor Pump

Topeak’s top-end new JoeBlow is ready for all your pumping needs with a great design and it comes at an affordable price. To make the pumping easy, it has a sturdy steel barrel and a wide steel base. This stable, hefty foot keeps the Pro upright when it’s bumped so it’s less likely to get knocked over and maybe damaged. $90 at

Saris Boss Bike Stand

The Boss bike stand provides a low profile, secure way to keep your bike safe and upright at arm’s length. Perfect for use in the office, your home or on the road.

Not only is it ideal for storage, it is also sturdy enough for light home repairs and maintenance.

$70 at Competitive Cyclist.

Cycling Wipes

Loaded with a proprietary, high-performance blend of detergents and emulsifiers that work to dissolve grease and more upon contact to enable cleaning while foaming agents lift away the dirt and grime. It’s never been so easy to stay clean, no matter where you ride.

Made from the folks at Tub O’ Towels. Learn more at

Trainers & Fitness

Wahoo KICKR Core

It won’t be long before we’re faced with the reality of doing some of our cycling workouts indoors. Whether that’s due to less daylight or crummy weather, staying committed and riding bikes year round, even if that’s in our pain cave, is what separates the enthusiast from a dedicated cyclist.

$900 at Competitive Cyclist.

Wahoo Desk

 It may resemble the cockpit of a treadmill because it’s designed to serve the same purpose for your trainer, holding your laptop or propping up your tablet or smartphone so your data, training apps, or whatever media you prefer while whiling away the virtual miles stays front and center throughout your session.

$249 at Competitive Cyclist.

Wahoo Smart Fan

You can pair your ANT+ speed sensor, heart rate monitor, or smart trainer directly to the fan, so as your speed or heart rate increases so will the fan speed. Bluetooth also wirelessly connects your phone via Wahoo’s app to the fan to put the speed controls at your fingertips, or for a more manual adjustment, 

$249 at Competitive Cyclist.

Nutrition and Recovery

OSMO Active Nutrition

The Active formula contains the optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to replace body water and power you through your workout. Flavored with real fruit and natural ingredients, Active quickly gives you the hydration you need, improving endurance and power while reducing cramping and fatigue. $20 and up at Osmo Nutrition.

Tailwind Recovery

Tailwind Rebuild is made with organic rice protein, and supplemented with amino acids to make that protein complete. Then they add carbohydrates, some healthy fats from coconut milk, and just the right amount of electrolytes. Nothing repairs your muscles more efficiently. And athletes love the great tasting healthy vegan ingredients. $38 from

Honey Stinger Waffles & Gels

The perfect stocking stuffer! Honey Stinger makes honey-based energy fuel including waffles, energy chews, protein bars, and gels for every activity. Available in gluten-free & organic options.

Available in Take Honey Stinger on your on your next ride or adventure.

Available at

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