HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset – Silver Edition Gravel Wheels

HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset – Silver Edition Gravel Wheels

If carbon wheels or the flat black look isn’t your thing, then the all new HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset Silver Edition might be the ticket. This wheelset reminds us of of the classic wheels from the 90’s. From the performance to the looks, these wheels are one thing: polished!

The Emporia GA Pro–Silver Edition are gravel wheels for those who want to go fast and make a statement. Featuring the same supremely wide 25mm internal width as the Emporia GA Pro, the Silver Edition is designed to pair with a wide range of gravel tires without pinching tire sidewalls like other narrower wheels on the market.

HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset
HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset

According to HED, Improving on the Ardennes was never going to be an easy task. When HED’s team of engineers started working on alloy gravel wheels, it did so with nearly a decade of “wide” rim expertise in the rear view,having pioneered wider internal rim widths with the Ardennes Plus in the early 2010’s.When it comes to gravel, however, “Plus” just isn’t wide enough. This is where the idea for our entire line of Emporia gravel wheels started.The Emporia GA Pro–Silver Edition is the next edition in our Emporia alloy gravel line, building off over a decade of high quality rim design and throwing ina dash of bling to create our lightest, flashiest alloy gravel wheel yet.

HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset

At 1,535g and a 25mm internal width, the Emporia GA Pro–Silver Edition beats many of its carbon competitors in both weight and width.

HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset Feetures

  • 1,535g per wheelset
  • 25mm Internal Width
  • 30mm External Width
  • Tubeless Compatible
  • Centerlock disc brake only
  • Hand built in the USA

Why does that matter? Gravel is one of the most demanding cycling disciplines to design for–terrain canbe so variable that it is necessary to leave no stone (or pebble) left unturned. When it comes to wheel design, a point of major importance is the pairing of the wheel with a variety of tires, ensuring that the tirebed allows the tire to perform at its absolute best, dampening vibration and enabling speed.

HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelset

With a lighter, wider wheel, HED’s Emporia GA Pro–Silver Edition is agile and allows a wide range of tire sizes to roll without pinching the tires’ sidewalls. This allows for the tire sidewalls to provide the natural suspension they are designed for, enabling the rider to roll at lower tire pressures and experience a smoother, suppler ride quality. That means more comfort, more speed.

Enjoy a smoother, quicker ride quality with increased tire volume. Ride fast and flashy with the Emporia GAPro–Silver Edition. Pair that with HED’s signature Fat Lip Technology, with rim strengthening reinforcement at the rim bead,and you have a set of wheels that are gravel-ready through-and-through.

The Emporia GA Pro–Silver Edition is 700c only and with hubs that are centerlock disc brake-specific.

If you’re looking for best-in-class gravel wheel performance and a healthy dash of flash, the Emporia GAPro–Silver Edition is for you! Get your set and prepare to shred somegravel.

The HED Emporia GA Pro Wheelsset Silver Edition retails for $1,200. Learn more at

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