Garmin Connect Down Due To Computer Attack

Garmin Connect Down Due To Computer Attack

Garmin and its Garmin Connect platform are down, with which activities in your cloud are synchronized, are down due to a computer attack. Garmin, the giant of sports GPS devices, is dealing with a problem that may be more common than we would like in the future, each day more digital, to which we are heading. Your computer system has been the victim of an attack that has taken one of the vital features of its structure out of service: Garmin Connect, the platform with which millions of users upload their activities to and through the Garmin cloud. , are synchronized with other social networks like Strava. Canyon was also recently the victim of a computer attack that had consequences on its customer service system. A type of news that is increasing as our world is digitized and depends on online services.

Garmin Down

The company itself acknowledged via Twitter the attack that had left the Garmin Connect system and even its website out of service. Some services have already recovered, but Garmin Connect is still unable to offer synchronization of activities and the incident has also affected its call centers.

Garmin files can be uploaded to Strava manually with a very simple procedure but it is an annoying extra step.

As they have reported themselves, it is a ransomware attack, specifically one called WastedLocker according to some information published by the employees themselves. With the passing of the hours, the magnitude of the attack seems larger than it had been initially estimated. So much so that they have already advanced that it will mean 2 days of forced maintenance on their structures, planned for that Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25.

How to upload your activity to Strava manually from a Garmin

For those who cannot synchronize their activities with Garmin Connect and therefore cannot upload them to Strava automatically, we explain how to do it manually.

Garmin cycling GPS devices can be connected to a computer via USB cable. When doing so, the Garmin presents itself as a new disk drive in the system, just like its USB memory. Thanks to this we can manually access the internal files and thus obtain the original file of our activity to upload it by hand to Strava. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Garmin with a USB cable to a computer.
  • Your Garmin will be detected with a new drive in the computer
  • Navigate to the Garmin folder -> Activities
  • Sort the files in descending date order and the last one will be the last activity you have done. The files also include the recording date on your behalf.
  • Go to the Strava website and identify yourself
  • In the upper right menu you will find a “+” symbol with a dropdown menu. Choose the “upload activity” option.
  • On the page that opens you see the browse field and choose the file you found earlier in the unit.
  • Ready. Strava will process it and take you to its form to enter the title and other details.

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