DT Swiss Redesigns Iconic Hubs

DT Swiss Redesigns Iconic Hubs

The new designed DT Swiss 240 hubs promises better durability and lower weights. If there is a popular hub on mid and high-end bikes, it is the DT Swiss 240. The model that best maintains the compromise between performance, weight and price in its wide range of hubs. 

New DT Swiss 240 hubs

Redesigning an industry icon is not an easy task, but DT Swiss just did it by releasing a new version of its DT Swiss 240 hub . The improvements have focused on 4 aspects: simplify maintenance tasks, increase bearing durability, reduce wear and reduce weight. This is the new DT Swiss 240 hub.

DT Swiss 240 hubs

Most of the hub models are offered in a range of spoke drillings and axle end cap dimensions, and all are offered with a variety of aluminum freehub bodies as well. Ratchet tooth configurations, however, are limited to 36-teeth (10-degree engagement) and 54-teeth (6.67-degree engagement), which might disappoint some trail riders.

Retail prices for all variants are $220 for the front, and $435 US Dollars for the rear.

At some point soon, too, DT Swiss will also begin incorporating the new internals into its own complete wheelsets, and third-party brands that utilize DT Swiss internals will soon start featuring the new Ratchet EXP design as well.

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The New DT Swiss 240 Hubs Lineup

DT Swiss will offer the new 240 in four different variants for riders that wish to build their own wheels from scratch: the 240 EXP Classic Road (116 g front; 212 g rear) with conventional spoke flanges for bikes with rim brakes; the 240 EXP Straightpull Road (102 g front; 191 g rear) for use with rim brakes and straight-pull spokes; the 240 EXP Classic MTB 113 g front; 208 g rear) with conventional spoke flanges for disc-brake bikes; and the 240 EXP Straightpull MTB (104 g front; 199 g rear) for disc-brake bikes and straight-pull spokes.

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