C+G would like to Welcome The Praep ProPilot to the U.S.

C+G would like to Welcome The Praep ProPilot to the U.S.

It has been a long journey, but we happy to announce you can find the Praep ProPilot and other Praep products in the U.S. This exclusive training system has been featured on Instagram by some rather well known athletes but is not finally available in the U.S.

What is the Praep ProPilot?

In short, it’s a bike handlebar balancing device, but in reality, it is so much more. The handlebar is mounted on a central unit with three difficulty settings, each giving more or less stability and wobble. The harder the setting the tougher the workout. Designed by bikers the ProPilot is designed specifically to support off the bike, bike fitness. There is a free app to use in conjunction which provides a selection of workouts, exercises, challenges and games!

Designed for mountain bikers and moto riders, this off the bike training device will help build core and arm stability for any athlete looking to up their riding performance. Prices start at $99.00.

You can learn more about Praep at and love for a full review coming this spring.

Turn your handlebar into the most effective training tool you’ve ever had! The award-winning ProPilot® was developed by bikers for bikers and takes you to a whole new level where Training becomes Gaming with our App!

Praep ProPilot
The ProPilot does not include a bar but includes handlebar clamps for Ø31.8mm and Ø35mm. Retail price is $99.
Praep ProPilot with bar
The ProPilot Moto Kit retails for $169 and includes a handlebar.
Train your braking finger. Brake better when you need to, train braking when you don’t. Their TRGGR trains your trigger finger braking power anytime and anywhere. Shaped like a brake lever, it has the optimal ergonomics to train your braking fingers.
These grips are 100% designed for your training. The increased width of 165mm allows different grip positions and the tapered shape supports your hand ergonomically. Designed so you can attach resistance bands as well.

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