Cane Creek Launches new eeSilk Alloy & eeSilk Carbon Seatposts

Cane Creek Launches new eeSilk Alloy & eeSilk Carbon Seatposts

Cane Creek has announced their new eeSilk Alloy eeSilk Carbon Seatposts! Like their predecessor, the new eeSilk and eeSilk Carbon are performance suspension seatposts designed to add comfort and reduce fatigue on road and mixed-surface rides without adding unnecessary weight to the bike. These posts make great enhancements to endurance road bikes by reducing the chatter transmitted from the surface to the rider and can be tuned to rider weight through a simple elastomer change.

With the same fatigue-reducing 20mm of travel as its predecessor, the new eeSilk has been refined with accessibility in mind. This has enabled us to reduce the retail price of the post to $199 without sacrificing quality or performance. We have also added a new carbon post option – the eeSilk Carbon.

Cane Creek

The new eeSilk features stainless steel hardware and is available in 27.2mm and 31.6mm seatpost diameters with an increased seatpost length of 375mm to accommodate bikes with a lower top tube. The eeSilk Carbon comes with the same titanium hardware and custom titanium thumbwheel as the original eeSilk and is available in both 27.2mm and 31.6mm diameters with a 350mm post length.

Cane Creek eeSilk Alloy
Cane Creek eeSilk alloy
Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon
Cane Creek eeSilk carbon

The axles on both posts have been upgraded from hollow aluminum to solid 300-series stainless steel and the bushings have been moved from the seatpost arms to inside the seatpost head and cradle. These changes make for a longer lasting and quieter pivot design. The arms have also been redesigned to create a lower profile and provide an even longer lasting suspension mechanism.

Cane Creek eeSilk on Moots

Cane Creek eeSilk Specifications

eeSilk AlloyeeSilk Carbon
Weight:27.2mm – 345g; 31.6mm- 350g27.2mm – 295g; 31.6mm – 305g
Dimensions:27.2 / 21.6 x 375mm length27.2 / 21.6 x 350mm length
Materials/construction:Aluminum Shaft, 300 series stainless steel axles, stainless steel hardwareCarbon shaft, 300 series stainless steel axles, titanium hardware
Maxi Rider Weight:250lbs / 113kg250lbs / 113kg
Price:$199.00 U.S.$299.00 U.S.

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