BWR California Race Recap Video

BWR California Race Recap Video

The 2021 Belgian Waffle Ride California took place this past weekend in unprecedented conditions for this “Hell of the West Coast” thriller. Held in North City, San Marcos, California, the BWR hosted its biggest race yet with a stacked field of pro gravel cyclists that lined up alongside weekend warriors and those that just who’s goal was just to finish.

The folks over at Veloworthy pulled together this great race recap which followed along some of the top men and women throughout the day as they took on the 132 mile, 10,000 ft course in San Diego county.

Below your find the top podium results for both men and women at this year’s BWR California .

BWR California 2021
The lead men at the 2021 BWR California 2021 event.

Men’s Results 2021

  1. Peter Stetina, Canyon-Clif Bar
  2. Sandy Floren, Dirt Camp Devo
  3. Russell Finsterwald, Clif Bar
  4. John Borstelmann, Abus
  5. Stephan Vogel, Project Echelon

Women’s Results 2021

  1. Katerina Nash, Clif Bar
  2. Hannah Finchamp, Orange Seal
  3. Moriah Wilson, Specialized
  4. Isabel King, Canyon
  5. Savilia Blunk, Orange Seal

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