100 Years of Shimano Reflected in a Unique Book

100 Years of Shimano Reflected in a Unique Book

If there is a brand linked to the entire history of the world of cycling and the bicycle, it is undoubtedly Shimano. On March 21, the company turned 100 years old. An unthinkable milestone for a majority of companies in the industry. With the arrival of that celebration, Shimano has started a series of commemorative actions, among which is the launch of a unique book, of which there will only be 2,000 units for the whole world and that cannot be purchased. You can only be the owner of one of these jewels through a raffle. The Shimano 100 Works book, as it has been named, is a photo-book with unpublished images, company history and technologies created by Shimano throughout its 100 years of life.

In 1921, in the city of Sakai City, Shozaburo Shimano founded the company that bears his surname. 100 years later that company employs 12,000 people around the world but continues to maintain a family company structure in its management, under the leadership of Yozo Shimano, its current president.

It is impossible to cite all the products that Shimano has created from 1921 to 2021, but it is worth highlighting some of those that have represented momentous advances in the history of cycling. From innovations such as the three-speed hub, through Di2 electronics or SPD pedals. Unique technologies that are pillars of the advancement of cycling throughout the years.

Those 100 years of history and innovations are captured in the Shimano 100 Works book. A 264-page photo-book that is only available via online giveaway here .

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